11) Adam can mop a warehouse in ten hours. Wilbur can mop the same warehouse in ninehours. If they worked together how long would it take them? Be sure to respond in a completesentence that explains your answer in relation to the question.12) Working together, Jessica and Jill can install a new deck in 6 hours. Had she done italone it would have taken Jill 15 hours. How long would it take Jessica to do it alone? Be sure torespond in a complete sentence that explains your answer in relation to the question.

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation:11) Adam's speed is 1 warehouse / 10 hours.Wilbur's speed is 1 warehouse / 9 hours.Their combined speed is:1/10 + 1/99/90 + 10/9019/90Distance = rate Γ— time1 warehouse = 19/90 warehouse/hr Γ— tt = 90/19 hourst β‰ˆ 4.74 hoursWorking together, they can mop the warehouse in 4.74 hours.12) Jessica and Jill's combined speed is 1 deck / 6 hours.Jill's speed is 1 deck / 15 hours.Jessica's speed is:1/6 βˆ’ 1/155/30 βˆ’ 2/303/301/10Distance = rate Γ— time1 deck = 1/10 deck/hr Γ— tt = 10 hoursWorking alone, it takes Jessica 10 hours to install a new deck.